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  • resistant media
    ANAT commissioned site of Australian resistant networked practices

    shown in ::
    Perspecta99 at the Art Gallery of NSW, Au

  • ~bimbi
    Curator and site design:
    sculpture, installation and performance from 26 australian artists in the outback

    shown at ::
    Artists Camp @ Bimbi NSW
    The Performance Space, Sydney, Au



  • pretty baby & fight

    Some files have been lost.This work was created as part of the Wollongong World's Women Online site for the United Nations' Fourth World Conference on Women in Bejing in 1995. The project was aimed at encouraging women artists to develop Internet skills and featured early digital work from 30 local women. The lost WWWO site was authored by Ali Smith, Sandy Indlekofer-O’Sullivan, Melinda Rackham and Louise Manner.
  • reconstructive surgery
    my first homepage on an ISP account

    none of the links to sites I made as an early web designer are now valid.



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