sound-space Award for Virtual Worlds, Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2001.

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sound-space Award
the works were awarded by the jury during the filmwinter festival.

Kathy Rae Huffman, Director Hull Time Based Arts, UK
Nick Polys, Mmember of the Web3D Consortium, VirtuWorlds, New York
Michael G. Wagner, CEO Geometrek, member of the Web3D Consortium, Vienna

1. Prize amounting DM 5.000,-
"Empyrean" by Melinda Rackham (Australia)

2. Prize amounting DM 2.000,-
"Looking for Carbon" by Gregoire Cliquet (France)

The other project in the final round (DM 1.000 each ) were "Lucid Actual" by Mark Rudolph, "Subnetwork" by Gregory Chatonsky und "Mutatum per Musicam" by Andrew Reitemeyer.

. sound-space jury statement
Empyrean by Melinda Rackham is a 3D universe that questions the nature of virtual space. Her dramatic and sensual visuals are peppered with fragments of words, ideas, and poetic statements. Sounds float through the virtual reality providing an aural experience of navigation and dimensionality. This dimensionality is created from some of humanity’s deepest questions: what is truth, beauty, and void. Rackham‘s visual style, use of sound, and her deep existential inquiry into the colonization of cyberspace made her the sound-space jury's unanimous choice.

Looking for Carbon by Gregoire Cliquet pushes the concept of collaborative sound. In Looking for Carbon-users choose an avatar and an identifying sound which manifests their presence in the virtual space. In this multi-user environment, the users are the focus of the action rather than visuals. The sounds combine and interact with other user's sounds creating a playful, cumulative audio flux.





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