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Melinda Rackham
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con·tent adjective \kən-ˈtent\
: contented, satisfied <was content with her life as it was>

2content transitive verb
: to appease the desires of <a content cat>
: to limit (oneself) in requirements, desires, or actions <content level>

3cotent noun
: contentment <ate to his heart's content>

4con·tent noun \ˈkän-ˌtent\
1 a
: something contained usually used in plural <the drawer's contents>b : the topics or matter treated in a written work <table of contents>
: the principal substance (as written matter, illustrations, or music) offered by a World Wide Web site 
2 a
: substance, gist
3 a
: the matter dealt with in a field of study
: a part, element, or complex of parts,br.c : the events, physical detail, and information in a work of art
4 a: meaning, significance
b : the amount of specified material contained

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Melinda Rackham has engaged with sculptural, performative, distributed, emergent and responsive media artforms as an artist, critic, curator, consultant and cultural producer for twenty-five years.

Her extensive knowledge of the diversity of new arts practcies is drawn from participation in major international media art exhibitions and festivals either as an exhibiting Artist, Conference presenter, a Juror, or a member of the Advisory committee. Dr Rackham’s perspectives on emerging art practices appear in diverse academic and arts industry publications online and in print.

Melinda was the first Curator of Networked Media at the Australian Centre for Moving Image, and in 2002 she established -empyre-, one of the world’s leading online critical media art theory forums. As Director of Australian Network for Art and Technology from 2005 till 2009 Melinda forged significant industry partnerships and elevated public engagement and critique of research and practice in art, science and new technologies.

Currently Adjunct Professor at RMIT University, Dr Rackham’s focus is curating and writing on emerging art and cultures- which manifest across networked, responsive and wearable and practices in distributed and urban environments - and their impact on our everyday lives.