public art

  • 1997
    Newtown Square, Sydney.
    Research, Community Consultation and Design with Peter McGregor of a 27sq metre honed concrete mosaic with etched bluestone - a visual and textual narrative of the area's history of political struggle.

  • 1993-95
    Newtown Square and Marrickville Road, Sydney.
    Constructing 54 street mosiacs with diverse urban communities in Marrickville's main road, and Redesign of Newtown Square with industrial stone, metal and tile pavement treatments.

  • 1995
    Design Site - Destination Port Kembla,
    Designs for steel city street furniture

sculpture | installation

  • 1996
    Play Pen
    - AXLE, Sydney.
    - AFI Cinema, Screen Composer Guild Awards, 1996, Sydney
    video installation with wrapped moniters, playing an endless loop of internet cool sites and logos, fluffy rug and lots of lollies (sweets).
    - See the great Swizelstik performance "Cry Me a River" from the opening!

  • 1993
    The Alice Prize
    Alice Springs Regional Gallery, N.T.

    Noosa Regional Gallery, Qld.

    L'Hotel, Sydney.

  • 1992
    Before Glamour
    Gallery Cafe, Sydney.
    glimpsed on ABC television's "Review"

    Conrad Jupiters Prize
    Gold Coast Regional Gallery. Qld.

  • 1991
    Alius Aliud
    The Performance Space, Sydney.
    see hard | copy below

    Beuna Vista
    Tamworth Regional Gallery
    see hard | copy below

  • 1990
    Art Dock
    Noumea, New Caledonia.

    N.T. Centre of Contemporary Art, Darwin.

    Belvoir St Theatre, Sydney.
    installation as theatre set
    for Darc Swan dance company

    The Wedding Feast
    Museum Station, Sydney.
    Beauty marries the Beast

  • 1989
    Endangered Spaces
    Artspace, Sydney.

  • 1988
    EMR Gallery, Sydney.

hard | copy
  • "Rackham's wierd and wonderful repertoire of materials.. is deliberately disturbing and controversial. She plays on the fact that people are drawn to mirrors and then confronts thier vanity through the use of tarted up found junk and dead animal fur"
    Felicity Fenner - A Change of Culture

    The Good Life, January 1991.

  • "Melinda Rackham is an artist whose work encompasses all aspects of the sensual.... the banal becomes the exotic as rackham creates another world...where the viewer is confronted with the contradiction of attraction and repulsion for these ultimately feminine objects of art."
    Dian Lloyd - Alius Aliud

    Dissonance, The Performance Space, July 1991.

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