after a month of meeting day and night in the ether, their desire for each others flesh has become overwhelming.
they have arranged for thier bodies to meet, without speaking, at 1 am, for one hour...

standing on the shadowy balcony, naked and quivering beneath my pink satin dressing gown... watching the few cars crawl the street below, caressing the velvet skin of a peach, anticipating you...

the car you have described appears, unsure, jerkily checking house numbers - a warm gush in my cunt, the same instaneous reaction i have to your name on the irrdiated screen. it stops, you emerge, i cannot see you clearly.

taking that first delicious bite of the peach, the sweet cool juice dribbling over my chin, watching you walk thru the front gate, never looking up, checking the house number, my cock hardening, body tense, remembering your text, anticipating your flesh

pushing open the front door you have left slightly ajar, entering the dark silence of an unknown house, breath pounding, tripping on the phone cord as i go up the stairs, my eyes adjusting to the dim light thu the open door of your room.

nipples hardening, balls aching, cock quivering, seeing the outline of your round ass beneath folds of satin, shimmering in the street light, a soft slurping, the russle of your gown. intense electricity draws me across to you

my hand reaches involuntarily to touch your back, appearing projected before me, opiate - slip into a deep comfortable chair in a private viewing room, the hand touchs the back, an uncontrollable spasm thru my body, cunt swollen and pulsing, juice dripping down my inner thighs, the scent of my sex and the peach mingling in my nostrils..

shuddering, numbed with adrenaline, your hands sliding over my satin encased body, your cock rigid between my ass cheeks, peach flesh dissolving in my mouth, golden dropplets teasing my nipples, fumbling with my jeans, pulling you round to face me, smiling in you eyes, the smell of sex intoxicating, my tounge reaching for yours, pressing my mouth into you, have to have you..

they do not speak, they watch their bodies pulling each other to the bed, kissing, biting, licking touching, waves of gentlness rolling into wild passion. they fuck , bodies sliding and pounding, ripping the sweat sodden sheets, they do not speak. they do not cum..

the hour has expired.. relieved, they part... emerging from their anesthesia, their data overload. they are afraid.. the bandwidth too low - the data front too high, the disk already full.

their word becomes boundless monstrous flesh.

- automatic shutdown -

system crash