(CumFul) big ones?

> yep like big ones

(CumFul) what would you do with one that big?

> i would suck it all the way down to the base

> i can do 9"

(CumFul) really?

> yeppers

(CumFul) what is the biggest you have ever had?

> one time i meet a guy who had one as big as my arm, but it was to big

(CumFul) what did you do with it?

> he said "i would like to fuck you with this" but i said "i dont think so"

(CumFul) where did you meet him?

> i could take it now but then i couldnt

> at a bar

(CumFul) did you make him cum?

> ya by licking it

(CumFul) did he cum alot?

(CumFul) did he make you eat it?

> i always let guys cum in my mouth so i dont know, one time a guy came on his belly and i seen how much there was and i said, i have been eating all that? then i licked it off

(CumFul) do you tell them to cum in your mouth?

> yes even if there fucking me i tell them please cum in my mouth

(CumFul) i like that

> just take it out and stick it in my mouth

(CumFul) is that where you like it best?

> yes

> if a guy cums in my pussy i will scoop it out and eat it

(CumFul) yeaaa

> one time after watching it done in a pornomovie i took a straw and sucked the mans cum out of my pussy, that was pretty cool

(CumFul) yea, very cool

> a big glog of cum went up the straw in my mouth, and cuntjuice

(CumFul) was it easy to suck?

> yes, and delishish

(CumFul) that would turn me on!

(CumFul) i would like to see you eat it with a spoon

> ya that would be cool

> i think i would like you to spoon feed it to me

(CumFul) that is just what i was thinking!

> tell me how else you will degrade me other thay spoon feeding me cum out of my own pussy

(CumFul) do you like cum??

> yes i like to drink cum

(CumFul) i like a woman that does that!

(CumFul) do you drink straight from the cock?

> i wish you could com gallons so i could drink it all

> i love cummy cocks in my mouth

(CumFul) really

> i love men to jack off in my mouth

(CumFul) Ahrrgg that makes me hot

(CumFul) what do you look like?

> i will get on my knees and let as many men jack off in my mouth as want to

(CumFul) how many have you had at once?

> well i go to sex parties i ask all the men to jack off in a glass them i let them watch me drink it

(CumFul) ummm i would love to see that!

> i have only been able to suck off 22 guys at once but i want 100

(CumFul) wow!

(CumFul) are you telling me the truth?

(CumFul) do you swallow it all?

> i want someone to chain me in there basement and make me live off cum of men that stop by

> yes i love cums

(CumFul) that would be very kinky!

(CumFul) i would love to see it pored all over you

> i crave cum so bad, thinking about it makes me so wet

(CumFul) i wish i were there now

> one time two guys came in my mouth at the exact same time

(CumFul) at a party?

> yep

> i like sucking two cocks at once

(CumFul) how many where watching?

(CumFul) that is really nasty!

> there were many men waiting in line with there dicks in there hands

(CumFul) you must look great?

> i guess you think im bad

(CumFul) no, quite the contrary!

> being a slut does not mean i am a bad person

(CumFul) not at all!

(CumFul) i love it

(CumFul) i would love to have you suck mine!

(CumFul) you must really get into it!

> i suck any dick thats shown me, good thing most men dont know that little fact

(CumFul) what do you do for a living?

> i often wish men would take there dicks out in the elevator or my boss would take his dick out but im not telling them

> cause i would get on my knees

(CumFul) wow!

(CumFul) i wish i was your boss

> i think most women cant turn down a nice fat cock

(CumFul) mine is nice and fat

(CumFul) just full of cum!

> he doesnt have enough sence to make me suck it every morning, hes a nice guy, borrrrrring

(CumFul) are you a secretary?

> yep

> i wish sucking dick was part of my duties

(CumFul) ever suck anyone at work?

> nope, i look like a nice girl

(CumFul) why do you like to suck so?

> i dont know but i think its because my uncle started fucking me in

my mouth when i was only 8 years old

(CumFul) really?

> yep

> i really liked it

(CumFul) you didn't hate it?

> no it was very nice

> it seemed very natural

(CumFul) i wish my secretary was like you

(CumFul) where do you meet your men?

> she probably is your just too scared to show her your dick

(CumFul) you think so?

> she probably dreams about sucking your dick and licking your balls

(CumFul) i would love to have her take dick tation under my desk

> but if she does it every morning she will expect more money

(CumFul) she might get it

(CumFul) maybe she could get all the guys in the office off to a good start

> sometimes i have "accidentally" shown my boss my panties but he hasnt got the hint

> yes if i started to blow my boss i would hope he ed make me suck off all the other men in the office

> i would like to go from office to office blowing them

(CumFul) that would be great

(CumFul) maybe i could hire you

(CumFul) why don't you become a hooker and get paid for it?

> yes my new office could be the holiday inn across the street, they could sneak over and fuck the shit out of me, hopefully several at a time

> that would be nice

(CumFul) i would love to watch man after man cum on you

> would you like to watch me blow the other men

(CumFul) that would really turn me on

> they can piss on me too

(CumFul) you like that to?

> yes please

> make me your piss whore

(CumFul) where do you meet your men?

> at s&m clubs

(CumFul) i can see you now with piss and cum all over you!

> that would be delightful

(CumFul) do you have a nice body?

> i cannot get enough dick

> nice for 33

(CumFul) nice tits?

> i am not 18 anymore

> c cup

(CumFul) i'm 36

(CumFul) i like a older woman

> i am a size 12

(CumFul) nice ass?

> 38c-28-40

(CumFul) you sound prefect!

> yes and i like to show it off

> i wear very tight skirts

> asstight

(CumFul) what do you wear while sucking?

> nothing, naked, i like to masterbate while im sucking, thats how i cum best, on my knees with a big dick in my mouth

(CumFul) do you like to be called names while sucking?

> i really have a good orgasm then

> yes i like to be called slut and cunt

(CumFul) do you pump while you suck?

> no i just rub

(CumFul) or let the man do it?

> no they have to fuck my face, really pound me, i dont like lazy men, im not going to do all the work

(CumFul) makes a good mess

> i take dick all the way down

(CumFul) i like to hold a woman by the hair and jack off in front of her

> that would be nice

(CumFul) tell her that she is going to get a facial

> i dont like to waste any

(CumFul) then have her look at me and beg for it

> please jack off in my mouth, please

> please

(CumFul) i've got it out now

> mmm i will get on my knees

> wipe your dick all over my face

(CumFul) my cock is leaking already

> mmm i lick it all up

(CumFul) i could get your face very slippery

> slap me with your dick, dickslap me

(CumFul) slap slap splat splat

> mmmm

(CumFul) you little slut

> yes i am a slut

(CumFul) i'm going to suirt some whore's makup on you

> i take your dick in my mouth and start sucking the head

(CumFul) look at me while you suck

> a nice hard dick in my mouth in making me very wet

(CumFul) i pinch your nipples

(CumFul) bounce your tits

> i start sucking you all the way down to the root

(CumFul) you are going to get a face full babe

> i am thinking how good your dick taste

(CumFul) i've have not cum in a week, so i have a very big load

> mmm yesss

(CumFul) the slime is building

> i take your dick out of my mouth and move down and start sucking your hairy balls

> first i suck one then the other

(CumFul) strings of pre-cum stick to your mouth as i pull it out

> then i suck both in my mouth

> i think about how much cum is in them

(CumFul) play with yourself

(CumFul) i start to pump it

(CumFul) watch this bitch

> then i start sucking your dick again because you are getting horny

(CumFul) big globs of white goo start to explode out the end of my fat cock

> mmm i put my mouth over it

(CumFul) more and more!..

> and start to milk you

> i squesse your dick so more cum comes out into my mouth

(CumFul) i pull it out and start to load your face

> then i show you all the cum in my mouth, then i swallow it

(CumFul) drips off your face and onto your tits

> i lick it off my tits

(CumFul) how did it taste?

> good, so good thank you

(CumFul) you are GREAT!!

> thank you

> i wish i could suck you for real but this is the best i can do

(CumFul) you are the most interesting woman i have encountered in some time

> yes you are lucky because i never talk to men, but i liked your nick

(CumFul) you like women best?

> no but they are good on irc

(CumFul) what do you usually talk about?

> girl stuff

(CumFul) like what?

> our pussys

(CumFul) does that turn you on?

> yep

(CumFul) so when was the last time you sucked a cock?

> mostly i like to talk about sucking big dicks and how nice it is but if there to lesbian we have nothing to talk about

(CumFul) i have mine out now

> i dont know i think you had it out the last time and came and went away without even saying thanks

(CumFul) no i didn't cum

> well start jacking it off for real

> i want you to cum

(CumFul) right now?

> no how could you cum that fast, can you?

(CumFul) i wish you were her to squirt on

> no really take it out

(CumFul) how are you going to get it hard?

> masterbate for me

(CumFul) i can't type with one hand

> by begging you to stick it in my mouth

> why not i am

(CumFul) ok

(CumFul) i guess i can

> thats it start to jack it so it gets real hard

(CumFul) it's out but it's still soft

> i will get down and lick and suck your nuts, that usually gets men hard

> i will suck the whole sac in my mouth

(CumFul) tell me about the porno fick you saw

> i like a big pair of nuts stuffed in my mouth

(CumFul) do you have a soft mouth?

> you mean the one where the girl sucks cums out of rubbers

(CumFul) that sounds like a good one

> i would like to do that in real life

(CumFul) haven't you?

> she gets 20 men and strips naked

(CumFul) where did she get them?

> not this particular way

> tell me about it guys are hard to round up

(CumFul) it's getting harder now

> so she tells them all to put on rubbers

(CumFul) did they all have rubbers on

> yes they all put them on

(CumFul) what did she look like?

> she was blonde, big tits

> blonde

(CumFul) then what did she do?

> big ass

(CumFul) i like big asses

> she told them that they could all jack off watching her dildo herself

(CumFul) with rubbers on?

> so shes humping herself with the dildo and when they start cumming

(CumFul) in the rubbers?

> yep

(CumFul) interesting

> she takes the rubbers off and drinks the cum out

> she sucks all 20 guys cum that way

> one after the other

(CumFul) wow

> yes i am getting wet

(CumFul) would you like to do that?

> so now i suck cums out of rubbers whenever i get the chance

> one time one i just found lieing on the floor

(CumFul) really?

> yes

> it had been in some black girl, i could tell

(CumFul) how?

> from the pussy juice

(CumFul) how can you tell that?

> i cant tell the difference between cums tho

(CumFul) sure you can?

> black girls taste different, stronger

(CumFul) iv'e never noticed

> nope white cum and black cum is the same

(CumFul) you have had both?

> my girlfreind swears she can tell the difference but i cant

(CumFul) she suck cock too

> wishing i was sucking dicks all day long

> no i wanted to do 100

> i want 100 guys to fuck me at once

(CumFul) you will be a mess

> i will be a cummy slut hole

(CumFul) that's for sure

> mmm that makes me excited

(CumFul) that would be like having about a gallon of cum shot on you

> i am going to have them all cum in my mouth

(CumFul) you will get sick

> i would like to try

> ive done 20 guys that didnt make me sick

(CumFul) i read about a woman almost dying from too much cum

> i wish i had that story

> i would like to try whatever she did

(CumFul) she sucked off a basketball team

> that would be nice

(CumFul) you must not swallow all of it

> yes i love cums

(CumFul) im cummmming

(CumFul) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

(CumFul) oh that was nice, thanks


(CumFul) i might make you jerk a horse off

(missy) yes i love sucking horse dick

(CumFul) have you ever done it?

(missy) yes

(CumFul) really, how many times?

(missy) if i had a horse i would suck it once in the morning and once at night

(CumFul) i would like to see that

(missy) they cum buckets

(CumFul) what does horse cum taste like?

(missy) not as salty but similar

(CumFul) yea, you would be a fucking mess!

(missy) yes you are covered in horse cum

(missy) horse cum is good for you it makes your complexion shine, it is like a fountain of youth, thats why rich people have horses

(CumFul) really

(missy) yep, two horse cums a day will keep you in good form, if only i had the money

(CumFul) i would like to see you jerk off two horses

(CumFul) you need money?

(missy) yes to keep horses

(CumFul) i see

(missy) sometimes i rent a horse from the stables and ride out alone in

the woods and suck him off, but i am afraid i will get caught so i dont doit much

(CumFul) you must be quite popular with the horses!

(missy) ya they like blowjobs

(CumFul) you could be my stablegirl

(missy) please, i want to be your stableslut

(CumFul) you could milk the horses

(missy) yes please jack them off everyday in my mouth

(CumFul) we could make you bath in it

(missy) please i want to float in horse cum

(CumFul) i would like to see you smear it all over your tits, and face

(missy) i want you to work me over with your meat during the day then

animal meat at night

(CumFul) do you think you could keep me sucked dry?

(missy) yes i dont mind sucking you four times a day

(CumFul) how about my son?

(missy) please any dicks you show me

(CumFul) he is only 15

(missy) i dont mind

(CumFul) we could both jerk off in your face

(missy) in my mouth at the same time

(CumFul) all over your fucking face!

(missy) you could put horse cum on your dicks and i could suck it off

(CumFul) we could pour it from a big bottle

(missy) yes please

(CumFul) i could stick my cock up your ass

(missy) im cummmmmmmming

(CumFul) my son would make you suck him

(missy) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

(CumFul) then we would turn you end for end

(missy) mmm that was nice, thanks

(CumFul) you are welcome

From: missygrl@xx.xxxx.com(missy)