<Blondie> Blondie reaches under the blanket and helps Dagwood make his decision

<Blondie> she holds his cock inher hand and begins to stroke it gently

* Dagwood grabs Blondies hand and guides it downwards

* Dagwood caresses Blondies breasts particularlyy the nipples

<Dagwood> i suck on the nipples biting them gently

<Dagwood> and licking them

<Dagwood> feeling them harden

<Dagwood> i stroke your back...right donw the spine

<Dagwood> and cup your ass in my hands

<Blondie> mmm that feels very good they are erect and just reaching up to

your fingers

* Dagwood kisses Blondies neck as his hands rub her butt pulling her against


<Blondie> I move my hand up and down your cock,

<Dagwood> ohhhh

<Blondie> and begin to squirm under you

* Dagwood rubs Blondies pussy....

<Dagwood> feeling the lips separate around his finger

<Dagwood> as he inserts the tip of his finger into her

<Dagwood> searching for her clit and finding it

<Blondie> mmmmmmm

<Blondie> touch my clit she whispers

<Dagwood> and rubbing it genly

<Blondie> oooooo

<Dagwood> and then he leans down and kisses her pussy

<Dagwood> and sucks on her clit

<Blondie> without letting Dagwood lose contact with her clit, Blondie turns around

under the blanket so she is face to face with

<Dagwood> licking and biting her clit gently

<Dagwood> and probing her pussy with his finger

<Blondie> she couldn't help it she just yells ou loud

* Dagwood moves his finger back and forth as he licks her clit

<Dagwood> and inserts a second finger

* Dagwood draws her clit into his mouth sucking on it

<Dagwood> and rubs his fingers in the inner walls of her pussy strokingthe inside

as he licks the outside

<Dagwood> hmm u taste nice ;)

<Blondie> she places her mouth gently on Dagwood's cock and sucks

<Dagwood> hmm yeah !

* Dagwood looks upwards into Blondies spread pussy

<Dagwood> and sees his fingers sliding in and out of her

<Dagwood> and wonders about the other smaller hole...perhaps a little caress or


* Dagwood nibbles some more on Blondie

<Blondie> sucks so his cock feels like it is a sparkler

<Dagwood> pumping her with his fingers

<Blondie> no no my clit, tease me

* Dagwood nibbles Blondies clit.. removing his fingers to tease and rub her


<Dagwood> all around the outside rubbing the lips

<Dagwood> feeling it open around his face

<Blondie> slowly twirls her tongue around his cock as she moves her mouth


<Blondie> then up

* Dagwood pulls the lips apart and puts his tongue inside her

<Blondie> then down again and up

<Dagwood> inhaling her scent

<Dagwood> and licks the entire length of her slit

<Dagwood> buzzing on her clit with his tongue

<Blondie> takes his balls in her hand and very lightly holds them

<Blondie> oh that feels soooogoodddd

<Blondie> yes, do that, lick me buzz me mmmmm

<Blondie> she licks his balls, then goes back to his cock

* Dagwood vibrates hsi tonue against her clit

<Dagwood> his fingers holding her lips wide apart

<Dagwood> so his tongue can chase her clit back and forth and all arounf

<Blondie> she shifts so he can keep working on her with his tongue

<Blondie> mooannn

* Dagwood rubs her around her ass

<Dagwood> and continues licking her clit

<Blondie> can't concentrate ...make me cum make me mmmmm

<Dagwood> stabbing at it with his tonguw

* Dagwood pulls Blondies clit into his mouth and sucks on it

<Dagwood> making it move and vibrate under him

<Blondie> hips rocking as Dagwood licks that is just heaven

<Dagwood> i can feel the little nub in my mouth

<Dagwood> and put my fingers back into yoru pussy

<Blondie> turns her head back to his big cock and begins again as her clit

vibrates uner Dagwood's perfect touch

<Dagwood> as i suck on your clit

<Blondie> up and down, up, down

<Blondie> all the way in like she was going to suck him dry

<Dagwood> ahh thats great

* Dagwood licks her moist pussy

<Blondie> allthe way in and out

<Dagwood> probing her and pumping her

<Dagwood> as he licks her moist little erect clit

<Dagwood> the lips of her pussy far apart and wet

<Blondie> she puts her hand around the base so his fabulous cock is never

exposed and always

<Blondie> up and down ohhh she moans

<Blondie> make me come pleaeseeeeese

* Dagwood sucks hard on her clit

<Dagwood> flicking it with hi tongue

<Dagwood> twirling his tongue all around her

<Dagwood> licking the slips and returning to her clit

<Dagwood> sucking and biting it gently

<Dagwood> and finaly pulling it fully into his mouth

<Blondie> play with my nipples

<Blondie> while youdo this ohh

<Blondie> she suck harder on his cock, moving her hand

* Dagwood reaches down to pull Blondies nipples

<Dagwood> pulling and rolling them

<Dagwood> as he sucks on her clit

<Dagwood> his tongue stabbing at her pussy

<Dagwood> his mouth working oin her clit

<Blondie> up and as she sucks

<Dagwood> her breasts cupped in his hands

<Dagwood> as he rolls the nipples around in his fingers

<Blondie> stroking with her tougue

<Dagwood> feeling them hard....as little rocks

<Dagwood> her ass and pussy moving on his face

<Dagwood> as he licks at her

<Dagwood> i i think i gotta get in there.....

<Blondie> she caon't helpit she cries out loud in ecstasy

* Dagwood moves Blondie onto her back

<Blondie> yes yes

<Dagwood> and kneels between her spread legs

<Dagwood> running his cock along the lips of her sex

<Dagwood> just the underside of it

<Blondie> unwillingly has let his cock slip out ofher mouth

<Dagwood> splitting the lips and rubbing all over her clit with it

<Dagwood> he hold her legs apart

<Blondie> spreads her legs and moans out loud again

<Dagwood> as he runs his cock up and down the wet channel

* Dagwood pauses with his cock almost at her entrance

<Dagwood> reach down... take my cock and open your self and put me in *smile*

<Blondie> oh you are incredible that is just great

* Dagwood looks down at his cock against Blondies pussy framed by her spread

legs and waits for her to put him inside her

<Blondie> I love how you feel when you enter me like a thousand nerves

fire at once

<Blondie> I con't beliee how good this feels

* Dagwood nudges her clit with the tip of his cock

<Dagwood> then slides into her

<Dagwood> feeling her lips spread around him

<Blondie> I wrap my legs around your neck as you move with me

<Dagwood> the burn of his flesh against hers

<Blondie> and Imove with you...

<Dagwood> i get halfway in then pull back

<Dagwood> and push back in

<Dagwood> feeling your pussy swallow me

<Dagwood> i put a hand under us and cup your buttcheek

<Blondie> ohhhh...tease me yes

<Dagwood> my other hand sneaks up to your breasts and caresses the nipple

<Dagwood> as the head of my cock teases your clit

<Dagwood> playing between the lips of your pussy

<Blondie> mmmmmmm

<Dagwood> and not really going in

<Blondie> unbelievable mmmmmmmmmm

<Dagwood> just pushing around it

<Dagwood> and eventually i decide to penetrate u fully

<Blondie> this is how I always want it

<Dagwood> i pause again taking aim

<Dagwood> just gentl moving my hips

<Dagwood> the head of my cock inside you

<Blondie> gasping begging

<Dagwood> just the head

<Dagwood> and i move back and forwards ever so slightly

<Dagwood> then begin to really go deep

<Dagwood> pushin into you

<Dagwood> feeling you open

<Dagwood> and you pussy burn around my cock till i am almost in but not wuite

<Dagwood> and it BURNS.... as i slide back out i know it will slip in better

<Dagwood> then i push back in and slide right into you

<Dagwood> until i am buried deep inside you

<Blondie> oh she is too loud she can't help it she has never ever felt

this good before

<Dagwood> my balls lying against your asshole

<Dagwood> and holding your thighs apart

<Dagwood> i start to pump in and out of you

<Dagwood> stroking my cock in and out of yoru moist hiole

<Dagwood> feeling you pussy gripping and sucking at my cock

<Blondie> ahhhhhh

<Blondie> i squeeze

<Dagwood> watching the lips separate as my cock comes out

<Dagwood> and then move toegther as i push bak in

<Dagwood> i let go your thights to lay on top of you

<Dagwood> and cup your ass again

<Blondie> as youmove I s queeze ang grip

<Dagwood> flexing my cock inside you

<Dagwood> and rubbing my pubic bone over your clit

<Dagwood> grinding against you

<Blondie> mu pussy sucks on your cock like my mouth

<Dagwood> rubbing my pubic hair against your clit

<Blondie> I wrap my legs around your waist moaning and writhing

<Dagwood> just pushing back and forth about an inch

<Dagwood> and grinding against your clit

<Dagwood> and leaning down to bite your nipple

<Dagwood> and suck it as i fuck your pussy

<Blondie> I stroke your back, I scratch your back as I moan aloud

<Dagwood> cupping your ass

<Dagwood> and pumping in and out of you

<Dagwood> feeling your wetness stroking my cock

<Dagwood> your pussy is so hot and wet around my cock

<Blondie> on fire im on fire

<Dagwood> i reach donw and finger your clit as i fuck you

<Dagwood> giving it extra stimulation

<Blondie> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

<Dagwood> as my cock slides in and out of your hot tight wet hole

<Dagwood> i can feel your clit under my finger

<Dagwood> and can feel my cock slippery with your juices

<Dagwood> my balls are banging against your ass

<Dagwood> as i slap in and oyut of you

<Dagwood> little wet slurpy sounds come from your pussy as i stroke in and out of


<Dagwood> and i can SMELL the sex all around me

<Dagwood> i kiss your shoulder again....and bite it

<Blondie> this is so close to perfection I am almost in tears.

<Dagwood> as i fuck you harder now

<Dagwood> wanting to make you cum

<Blondie> I reach up to you as you loom above me and I rub your chest

<Dagwood> circling my hips around to stimulate your clit some more

<Dagwood> feeling your legs gripping me

<Blondie> moving my hips with you, squeezing my pussy on your cock

<Dagwood> as i rock inside you

<Dagwood> circling and grinding

<Dagwood> my cock is deep in you and feels like it is on fire

<Blondie> so loud Irock with you, grind with you, my nerves on fire you

feel every nerve

<Dagwood> ohhh you are so hot

<Dagwood> your pussy is so hot an wet around me

<Dagwood> i can feel myself slipping and sliding in you

<Dagwood> i pull almost all the way out of you

<Dagwood> then slide fully back in

<Dagwood> im slowing down a little now

<Dagwood> and just savouring the feel of you pussy around me

<Dagwood> i draw out again... tilljust the tip of my cock is poised at your


<Blondie> noooo yessss oh

<Dagwood> trhen slide back in again ... firmly.....

<Dagwood> feeling your flesh around me

<Dagwood> as i push my cock hard into you

<Dagwood> then pull back

<Blondie> I love your cock and how you tease me with it. as you slow down

can you feel

<Blondie> me squeezing it

<Dagwood> i can feel your pussy squeezing my cock as i withdraw

<Blondie> and releasing it

<Dagwood> as u use your inner muscles on me

<Blondie> as I go up and down with you

<Blondie> and your balls slap against me

<Dagwood> mmmmmmm

<Blondie> and I squeeze ad rock and moan aloud

<Blondie> oh touch my clit again ohhhh

* Dagwood touches Blondies clit

<Dagwood> and strokes it

<Dagwood> feeling it under his finger tip

<Blondie> up and down, and I play with your nipples and rock and squeeze

<Dagwood> as his cock strokes in and out of Blondie

<Dagwood> and it feels like honey.. all molten and slick

<Dagwood> ahh your i can feel you hot wetness all around me

<Blondie> oh

<Dagwood> my balls feel like they are ready to explode...

<Dagwood> but not just ye....

<Dagwood> i want you to come first....

<Dagwood> so i regain control again

<Dagwood> and firmly pump in and out of you

<Blondie> I hold your ass, making you slow down while I rotate my hips and


<Dagwood> ahh niiiiiice

<Blondie> and oh, you are the best partner I hve ever had...I am ohhhhhh

* Dagwood pushes hard against Blondie...

<Dagwood> deep in her

<Dagwood> grinding the base of his cock hard against her clit

<Blondie> squeezing and rocking, up and down, playing with your nipples with

y=one hand, stroking and scratching you ass with the other

<Dagwood> moving his hiso hard

<Dagwood> so hard....

<Dagwood> so deep in you... you are very hot...

<Blondie> my clit is alive it is so hard I a soooo hot

<Dagwood> tell me when u cum.. i want u to tell me

<Dagwood> i fuck you harder now

<Dagwood> rubbing maddeniingly against you on each dtroke

<Blondie> I almost there, ohh god yes, ohh

<Dagwood> just pushin straight in hard

<Dagwood> and withthdrawing

<Dagwood> and slipping back in

<Dagwood> bumping yoru clit each time

<Dagwood> and giving it the tiniest grind by flexing mt hips

<Dagwood> and then withdrawing right back

<Dagwood> and pushing back in

<Dagwood> my cock feels a foot long in you

<Dagwood> and you are so hot and wet

<Dagwood> your pussy easily accomodates my cock

<Dagwood> as i fuck you quicly and easily

<Dagwood> my balls toush your ass each time i enter you

<Dagwood> and i sweat as i pump hard into you

<Dagwood> drippin on you

<Dagwood> and biting your houlder

<Blondie> nothing quick about this...this is heaven!

<Dagwood> feeling your breasts under my chest

<Blondie> almost almost

<Dagwood> the nipples poikinghard into me

<Dagwood> and i take a nipple in my hands

<Dagwood> twisting it

<Dagwood> as i pump your hot box

<Dagwood> feeling your legs spread so wide

<Blondie> oowww

<Dagwood> so i amd so deep into you

<Dagwood> so very deep i am alsmost once with you

<Dagwood> and my face is against our cheek

<Dagwood> i can hear you panting

<Dagwood> as my hips move up and down urgently in you

<Dagwood> pmpig hard

<Dagwood> feeling you pussy opne and close around me

<Dagwood> and rubbing your nipple with my thumd and finger

<Dagwood> as i fuck you

<Blondie> every muscle in my body suddenly tightens as you pump in and out.

<Dagwood> still frimly stroking you

<Dagwood> long and deep

<Dagwood> i feel you tensing under me

<Dagwood> as i pump hard at you

<Blondie> think about your tongue on my clit, about how you feel inside me

<Dagwood> sensing your climax

<Blondie> you teased me and stroked me and

<Dagwood> hmmmm it feels so good

<Dagwood> and i push hard into you

<Dagwood> clutching you to me

<Dagwood> feeling your legs getting tangled in mine

<Dagwood> as i clutch your ass

<Blondie> everthing tensesfor one second and then all my muscles in my

belly, my pussy, contract and I gasp aloud

<Dagwood> i kiss you

<Dagwood> my tongue snaking into your mouth

<Dagwood> as it ipens and gasps

<Dagwood> and i just grind and grind against you

<Dagwood> as yoru whole body buzzess

<Dagwood> and pull you so tite to me that for an instant we are one

<Dagwood> my cock so deeply buried in you

<Dagwood> feeling the wetness all around it

<Dagwood> as my hips rotate and grind the base of my cock against your clit

<Blondie> and I convulse with the uncontrollable orgasms and you feel

<Dagwood> and my mouth opens against yours

<Blondie> every squeeze and nerve and muscle and I can't stop myself I just

rock and rock

<Dagwood> oh....

<Dagwood> mmmmm

<Dagwood> i slow donw as you ride out the wave of your orgasm

<Dagwood> until i am gently moving slightly in and out of you

<Blondie> Islowly calm down and kiss you back and begin to rock witjh you


<Dagwood> and i kiss your neck

<Dagwood> and hug you...

<Dagwood> just for a sec...

<Dagwood> holding you tite against me

<Blondie> come on come on oh baby oh come on

<Dagwood> and feeling your wetness move

<Blondie> I rock with you as you slide in so gently

<Blondie> oh oh I think I'm coming again...

<Blondie> come with me ohh oh

* Dagwood feels Blondie begin to shudder

* Dagwood is hard.. but not_quite_ ready yet...

* Dagwood is very hard....

<Dagwood> but a little way off

* Dagwood feels Blondies pussy clutch at him again

<Dagwood> as she gasps

<Dagwood> he clutchers her ass

<Dagwood> pulling her pussy close and hard against him

* Dagwood pulls out of Blondie for a second....

<Blondie> yes do that, oh you fill me up oh yes harder mmm

<Dagwood> hmm could you get on you hands and knees.. id like to go doggy style for

a while ;)

<Blondie> come on yes baby come on Dagwood oh goddddd

* Dagwood positions himself behind Blondie gripping her hips and plunges into


<Dagwood> slips in so easily

<Blondie> Blondie climbs out of the deckchair

<Dagwood> holding her hios

<Blondie> and bends over

<Dagwood> mmmmmm

<Blondie> holding on to the char

<Dagwood> mm tell me tell me

<Blondie> rocking her hips with Dagwood

<Blondie> sliding back and forth with him

* Dagwood strokes inand out of Blondie

<Dagwood> she is so slick and hot and wet...

<Dagwood> he wont last much longer

<Dagwood> he reaches under neath anf takes her hand and moves it down to where they

are joined

<Blondie> squeezing as he slides in and out

<Blondie> she is so wet

<Dagwood> both their hands feeling the oily slick juntion

<Dagwood> as his cock moves in and out of her

<Blondie> and her breasts bounce as he slides back and forth

<Blondie> she lets him put his hand

<Blondie> her hand her hand

<Dagwood> mmmmmmm

<Blondie> on the base of his cock holding her balance with one hand

<Dagwood> hmmm oh squeeze my balls

<Blondie> holding Dagwood with the other

<Blondie> breasts move forward as she reaches dosn to squeeze his balls


<Blondie> then a little harder

<Dagwood> mmmmmm

<Blondie> oh it feels so good to hae him inside her she squeezes

* Dagwood sides in and out in ecstcy

<Blondie> and rocks faster holding his cock with her hand, letting her pussy

hold it and release it

<Dagwood> she is so hot

<Blondie> zs he slides afster and faster

<Dagwood> so slippery in ther

<Dagwood> oh so hot

<Dagwood> grips her hips hard and pumps

<Blondie> he reaches around and plays with her nipple

<Blondie> as he slides in and out of her slippery pussy

<Blondie> wet with juices that he put there

<Dagwood> hmmmmmm

<Dagwood> oh yeah

<Blondie> she gasps at the depth of the stroke

* Dagwood tenses

<Dagwood> hmmmmm ohhh

<Blondie> oh god it's 4 am and she needs sleep as he goes faster and faster

and harder and

<Blondie> she feels like she is going to explode and he will go right


<Blondie> she can feel every nerve in hsi cock every cell

* Dagwood pumps hard

<Dagwood> suddenly....

<Blondie> comeon come on baby come on come one

<Dagwood> ahhhh

<Dagwood> ohhhhhhhh

<Dagwood> oh god... :))))))))))))))))))))))))

<Blondie> YES yes yes yeeeesss

* Dagwood groans and fills Blondie with his sticky stufff

<Dagwood> hmmmm

<Dagwood> i pump gently and slowly stop... jusr resting against your back

<Dagwood> ahhh you wer great........

<Dagwood> hmmm

<Blondie> Blondie sighs in afterglow

* Dagwood kisses Blondie gently

<Dagwood> Thankyou.. i enjoyed this very much :)

<Blondie> as Dagwood withdraws, she stands up

<Blondie> and turns to face him

* Dagwood gets ready for the post coital smoke :)

<Blondie> you were the most incredible lover I have ever had

<Blondie> she presses against him

<Dagwood> heh.. im flattered

<Dagwood> but maybe you just bring out the best in me

<Blondie> so obviously experience4d int the art ofpleasing a woman

* Dagwood hugs Blondie hard against hime

<Blondie> Blondie is now exhausted and needs sleep

<Blondie> please kiss me

<Dagwood> im glad u enjoyed it

* Dagwood kisses Blondie deeply and passionately

<Dagwood> looking into her eyes as he kissed her

<Blondie> Blondie kisses those lips that just thrilled her beyond belief.

<Dagwood> sweet dreams Blondie ;)

<Blondie> blows a kiss

* Dagwood hugs Blondie one last time