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synthetic engineering: dreams & doubts
Kirsty Darlaston on Life 2.0 artifice to synthesis
RealTime issue #103, Australia pg. 21
[June-July 2011]

Intelligent Fabrics, Organic Attire
Jemima Kemp: Coded Cloth, Samstag Museum, Adelaide
RealTime issue #89 pg. 29
[Feb-March 2009]

Transdisciplinary Publishing

Lisa Gye reports on the Hard Copy forum
RealTime issue #73, Australia pg. 10
[June-July 2006]

2004: glorious corporeality
Lisa Gye on 2004: Australian Culture Now
RealTime issue #63 pg. 33
[Oct-Nov 2004]

Virtually Beautiful
Donnalee Dunne, Pathways, Vol 3/2,
Experta Medica/Novartis, Netherlands,pp 42-47
[April/June 2002]

3D Multiuser Virtual Reality als kinematographisches Dispositif?
Ulrich Wegenast Wand5
from ZKM <Streaming Media>

Physicalization in Networked space

Yvonne Volkart, springer|in 1/02: Cartographies,
Verein, Vienna, Austria,
[March 2002]

Melinda Rackhams Online Installations

Sean Cubitt, Artlink: e-volution of new media,
Vol 21 No 3, Australia, , p24 -26.
[September 2001]

Finalist: 2000 Leonardo New Horizons Award for Innovation in New Media Barbara Lee Williams

Interface - visions of the body and the machine
Kathy Cleland, ART AsiaPacific
Issue 27, ISSN10393625, Fine Arts Press Sydney, Au, p 70 - 75.

"Rackham's line is a lure into a world..a decidedly nonliner domain.. empowered by the internets most powerful time-bending and space-eating tool -the hyperlink."

End of the Line: Experimental and Non-Linear Interfaces" by
Steven Madoff, Websights: The Future of Business and Design on the Internet,
Ed Katherine Nelson, New York,

"particularly moving and beautifully composed web artwork"

Sonya Rapoport - Leonardo Reviews, Leonardo 33, #4,

These artists understand the code, understand the possibilities, are experimenting with it in ways that the makers of Netscape or the makers of museum Web sites haven't really thought about."
Cybertimes - arts@large

Matthew Mirapaul, New York Times
[April 9 1998]

"intellectual , engaging and delightful"

New World Sites review of line
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