Sorrow is flying.
Over hilltops over a valley filled with jumbled computer parts broken laptops looking for all the world like flapping pizza boxes blown in the wind with grey and green mixing to a stew washed out colour as she whizzes past breakneck speeding through the atmosphere...
Sorrow is flying away from her physical body.
She is actually lying in a bath of yellowish - green water which fills the tub to the brim. Her stomach reaches for the bottom's smooth marble surface but doesn't quite touch it.
Her chin rests comfortably on the bath lip edge, her skin glowing pink as her energy spirals into the air above her.
Awareness heightens as she slips and shifts into otherness, an area she rarely goes - rarely permits herself to.
Spreading like a stealth bomber, her awareness shifts from behind her eyes, blossoming to a full body consciousness as she plummets and whirls through motes of air feelings blinding her as she starts back to her time and place of now...
She is at peace.