Sorrow is sewing.
Dragging the needle in and out, out and in. The pin pricks, the thread burrs, the needle clicks out again.
But this isn't ordinary sewing.
The needle moves again, thread pulling behind it, fast flickering movements of an accomplished seamstress.
Sorrow is sewing her mouth shut.
The needle is approximately 6 cm long, drenched now in her blood and is curved - like a fish hook - at one end. She is using copper wire for thread, the orange glinting as it criss-crosses through her flesh, the blood a nuisance, making her hand slick and prone to slipping.
But she does the job adequately, making a crucifix pattern over and over - pulling the wire tighter as it bites into her lips and surrounding raw flesh. What has driven her to this? Made her tease her open mouth, close up her one avenue of power? (speech and speaking and words and nuances...)
Why don't you ask her, then?