She lies curled in a foetal ball, clutching a broken doll. An action type doll, army warrior doll, female by its gloss lips, anime blue eyes, black shiny hair, plastic moulded breasts. Similar to Wonderwoman, but not... She is playing with the doll, which is incomplete, dismembered parts lie surrounding them.
The little girl whispers to the doll in a singsong voice, chanting its name over and over again...
"Lisa Lisa Lisa Lise Lies..."
The doll, its head lolling to one side on a plastic pink torso, its hair falling in loose folds to the girls pinkish blue wrist speaks suddenly; the gloss strawberry lips struggling to form the words, a marionette's voice. "What is your name little one?"
The girl sits up suddenly clutching the broken doll and squeezes it, so hard that the head starts warping.
Eyes bright she replies "Sorrow!" and starts to chant that now, her voice sweet as buttery toast as she releases the doll, the pressure changing, her hand slightly stroking the dolls expanding face.
The doll tries again, asking little girl Sorrow another question...
"Why are you so sad little one?' - jilted, stifled words, the sentence forced but meaningful.
Little girl Sorrow whispers her answer into the plastic conch ear, uttering words and hissing sounds.
The doll's expression is a serious one now. Sad, distressed for the little girl, amazement at the child's capacity for bouncing back....resilience...
Little girl Sorrow sees the dolls face through her tears, a wobbly shaky face through a watery haze. It is her turn now.
"Why so sad, little Lisa-doll?", mimicking the puppet voice.
The doll, the polymer shell with a voice, cannot answer this child because she does not know.
She winks instead.