Kitty Oppenheimer at Los Alamos,1944

The fences keep us from the mountains.
What can distract us from ourselves?
The children drive me crazy.
Soldiers came and bulldozed the tree.
Concerns for security
leave us exposed,
while the children,
play in a dirt yard.

Kitty what are you thinking of?
Oh nothing Robert, I say, but I'm thinking
Of hope lost
Of a stupid man dead in Spain.
Joe Dallet, dead in Spain,
A stupid death. Killed me too perhaps.
I'm thinking living here with you is second best.
But, you are solid, in your odd way.
A gentleman, ahh, for such manners,
But we know it has to be a good day,
You have so decreed.
Drinking helps.
It's all solid citizen stuff from now on.
No more wayward revolutionaries.
No more fools.

Bernard Sullivan © 1995

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