November 1995 - March 1996

monster (mon`ster) n. 1. One who or that which is abnormal, unnatural, or hideous in form. 2. An animal or plant that is malformed; monstrosity.
soup (soop) n. 1. Liquid food made by boiling meat, vegetables, etc., in water. 2. Slang A thick overcast or fog.
monstersoup (mon`stersoop) v. 1. Anomalous, diverse, collection of work, made from the boiling together of art genres. 2. Creative expression, exploring the 'hypertextual' in the creation and presentation of art.

The Artwork

Mary-Anne Breeze and Louise Manner
'Sorrow Stories and Images'
- a textual and visual exploration of feminine sadness, pain and survival.

Bernard Sullivan
'Oppenheimer Poems and Images'
Melinda Rackham
- Digitization mocks the sacred texts of subjectivity.

Curation and Layout by Louise Manner