blutxt 2005

length: 64 seconds

.mov : 16 megs /variable dimensions

.mp4 : 2.5 megs /320 x 240

.3gp : 555 kb /176 x 144

blutxt is a humorous exploration of SMS dating.

The recent plethora of commercial singles and dating services now available on your phone make it difficult to tell if you are the target of a random advert or the genuine object of another's desire. The adventurous find out!

Shot on XDA II mobile phone, and made during the Mobile Journeys Masterclass, it is available in .3gp format for showing on small mobile phones.


Melinda Rackham, 2005
MetroScreen & Studio, Sydney
shoes :
& John Fluevog
Micro$oft Pocket PC

thankyou :
fabulous foot actors of the
d.lux Mobile Journeys Masterclass, & Fee and Ben from phone-book-ltd.