anatomicus incorrectus
his element
kate sumner
His eyes focus a moment before.

Choosing a path up the tarn-side
a slip from drowning in the round of blue water,
almost frozen clear of life,
his steps are certain as predictions.
Even as his palest face appears, a wary apparition
out of the very stones and line of sky
reflecting on the water's surface.

Water runs crow's feet into last month's landslide.
Watching, the pall of cloud wraps tighter
over the horizon of grey broken stone,
the only growing thing
the jagged and sweet life of southern eidelweiss
like dead man's three-day growth.

Once the rocks danced downward at the rate of messiahs.
Now quickened, the path obscured,

he is in his element
his element:
evening drawing room recital

anatomicus incorrectus:
reassembled bones from the surrounding property

kate sumner

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