The Nowlans have been at Bimbi for over five generations. 'Wentworth' is a four and a half thousand acre property belonging to the late Tony Nowlan and his daughters Jane, Sally, Annabel and Debra. The farm stocks primarily merino wool sheep and hereford cattle and grows various cereal crops, such as wheat, barley, oats and canola.
Sally and Annabel both spent six years working on the property with Tony between 1979 - 1985. They worked together taking an active interest in stock work - breeding merino sheep, hereford cattle and cropping various cereal crops. Tony saw his daughters become wool classers and keen wool and livestock managers, they drove the tractors, wheat trucks, initiated native tree plantings, and marked calves etc.
During that time Annabel and Sally moved into the old 100yr old Wentworth homestead and slowly restored it. They held notorious 'Housewives parties' started the 'Bimbi Hystorical Association' Sally was a local polo-cross star and Annabel had legendary hairy armpits.
After six years and one huge tedious drought they questioned the hardship that farmers endure and much to Tony's chargrin they decided to pursue new directions. Annabel was given little encouragment when she announced her intention to study at art school, and later Sally moved into radio broadcasting for the rural dept of the ABC radio national, where she remains currently employed.
Thanx to Tony, Sally, and Annabel for their generosity in opening their property to the artists who attend bimbi camp each year.